Jobsite Reports and Logs (JRL) App

Jobsite Reports and Logs is the best app and amazing app for the construction workers, owners, landlords, superintendents, contractors, project managers, etc. It facilitates its users with its simple and easy to use interface, a person with a little knowledge … Read More

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Top 10 Largest Construction Companies in the World

The world is full of construction companies situated all around the world but some construction companies are considered as the ruler companies of the construction market. These companies are above all because of their size, revenue, growth, number of employees. … Read More

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5 Quick TIPS To Solve App Crashes

Apps crashes sometimes and that is totally normal. Here are 5 quick tips to solve app crashes. Uninstall and Re-install the App Update your phone. Go to Settings -> Software update Free Up Storage Space Clear App Data and Cache. … Read More

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