About Us

About Us

Our Company

At LL Canada, we create SIMPLE. Our apps are minimalist and simple without losing its main purpose. We listen & implement YOUR ideas and suggestions to perfect YOUR need We create apps that help business to boost their efficiency, time, and money We also create custom apps for your business/company. Ask us for quotes

Our Values

We are all about working smarter, and working cooler

Core Services

Mobile Interface Design

User friendly UI and extreme professional result

Business Focus

Serve mainly only business owners and entrepreneurs

Fast & Responsive

Reply to customers inquiry at lighting speed.

Our team

Meet our talented team members

Muhammad B

Project Team Lead

Mu is a professional Android Developer with 3 years of experience in industry. He has a strong grip in Android Studio and have an ability of creating logic in quick time.

Usman A

Creative Director

Usman is a Professional UI/UX designer having an extensive work experience in industry. He is always ready to talk about new projects and about new ideas.

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